Kohler Sous Faucet Review – Is It Right For You?

Kohler K-R10651-SD-VS Sous Kitchen Sink Faucet, Vibrant Stainless

If you’re planning a kitchen renovation and want a durable, powerful, professional-grade kitchen faucet, the Kohler Sous has probably crossed your mind a few times. But is this faucet really worth the cost? Let’s take a look at what this one-handle kitchen faucet has to offer, and help you decide if it’s right for you.


According to those who’ve purchased the Kohler Sous, installation is a breeze, and usually takes about 20 minutes. This faucet is compatible with a wide variety of sink types thanks to its single-hole design, including 1, 2, and 3-hole sinks. It does come with a soap dispenser, but this is optional – if you have a single-hole sink, you can simply opt not to install it.

Unlike some other products on the market, it also comes with both hot and cold water lines, so you don’t need to worry about purchasing these separately. The entire installation process will only take some basic hand tools, and the supplied instructions detail every step of installing the Kohler Sous.

There’s even an installation video you can watch if you’d prefer to see someone install it before you try to do it on your own. And, of course, you can always hire a pro if you’re not feeling confident about your DIY skills. Hiring a plumber to install a faucet usually costs between $50 and $150.


The Kohler Sous is designed to imitate the professional faucets and sprayers used in commercial kitchens. If you’ve ever washed dishes at a restaurant, its flexible, spring-loaded design will immediately look familiar to you.

This one-handle faucet is designed to look and feel professional, with an all-metal design, chunky spout, and an external spring. This spring wraps around a durable hose, and provides much better flexibility than other types of hoses like braided steel.

It comes in two finishes – chrome and stainless steel. Chrome, as you’d expect, is extremely shiny, while the stainless steel model has a more low-key, brushed finish. Overall, it’s hard not to love the look of the Kohler Sous, though we admit that the exposed spring design may not be to everyone’s taste.

Features & Performance

The biggest selling point of the Kohler Sous is its flexible hose, which is supported by a spring that wraps around it and ensures it always “springs” back into place after you replace the sprayer.

To use the sprayer, you just pull it out from its magnetic docking station and activate the sprayer button. And the Kohler Sous is a dream to use in spray mode. Thanks to its long reach and flexible hose, it’s easy to move it all around – to spray down the corners, rinse out pots and pans, fill up large stock pots for canning, and more.

It also sprays in a blade-shaped pattern that’s especially useful for blasting away bits of food and quickly spraying down the sink after you wash up.

Of course, this faucet also has plenty to offer when it’s not in spray mode. The water flow from the spout is consistent and aerated, coming in at a flow rate of 1.8 GPM with plenty of pressure. And, even when the sprayer is not pulled out, the entire faucet can be rotated up to 360 degrees so it’s great for double-basin sinks.

It’s also extremely tall – about 23” higher than the base of the sink, so this makes it very convenient for cleaning up big messes, even if you have a shallow sink basin.

However, some may find that this makes it a bit too prominent and could block their view of their windows – so whether or not you appreciate its extreme height is a matter of taste.

Price & Value

The Kohler Sous is not cheap. In fact, it’s not even close to cheap. It’s a luxury item, and it’s priced accordingly. Many people may balk at its high price, and we get it. It’s not for everyone.

But if you want a versatile, elegant, and powerful one-handle kitchen faucet and you’re willing to spend a bit of extra cash, it’s definitely worth it. And, in the grand scheme of things, we definitely think that the Kohler Sous will hold its value. After all, Kohler is one of the most reputable faucet manufacturers in the world, and this unit also offers a limited lifetime warranty.

The initial cost is steep, to be sure, but over the years, you’re sure to get great performance from this kitchen faucet, and there are very few other faucets on the market that offer similar features.

The Bottom Line

If you can afford it and you like it, buy it. The Kohler Sous is beautiful to look at, functions pretty much perfectly, and will work in just about any kitchen thanks to its 1-hole design. It’s especially good for very large sinks. The unique design lets you easily reach every corner of even the deepest and widest sink basins. And, as a Kohler product, it’s likely to last for years and decades to come with no leaks or malfunctions.

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