Delta Kitchen Faucet Reviews

You’re likely already familiar with the name Delta Faucets. They’re one of the largest and most well-known faucetmakers and have been crafting quality faucets for over 60 years with no signs of stopping. Whether it’s modern, industrial or Fusion-style, or even touch-activated – Delta makes a kitchen faucet in the style you’re looking for.

Delta faucets are made either in the USA or in Canada, an important step ensuring their quality and durability. Most — especially higher-end options – are made from sturdy metal (usually brass), as opposed to the plated plastic found on many cheaper options. Delta is known for their customer service, and all their faucets are backed up with a Lifetime Warranty; Delta stands behind their products and will repair or replace them in case of manufacturer defect.

The Delta Faucet Collection: What Do They Sell?

As mentioned, Delta sells something for every kitchen, style – and budget. You could spend as little as $50 for a decent (yet basic) faucet for your kitchen sink, or you can drop $500 on one of Delta’s op-of-the-line, touch-activated faucets – like the Delta Leland Pull-Down Touch2O. For the average, high-quality mid-range faucet from Delta, however expect to spend about $300.

What about styles? There’s no shortage there, either. The Leland line, for example, (highlighted below) combines traditional styles with modern features for faucets that work in virtually any interior and come in a wide array of options – from touch-activated faucets to pot fillers.

The Cassidy Line, meanwhile, takes sophisticated Old-World style and puts it in virtually any kitchen –contemporary or classic. If you’re looking for pure modern minimalism, opt for the Trinsic line, with all the features you could ask for built right in. Both lines come in pull-out, pull-down and even Fusion/commercial style faucets.

One feature you’ll frequently find in Delta faucets is MagnaTite Docking, which integrates strong magnets into the faucet to keep the wand from drooping or hanging. You’ll also frequently find Delta’s Diamond Seal, which embeds diamonds into different parts of the faucet assembly for a durable, leak-free construction that lasts.

Touch-activated faucets include Touch2O, which turns water on with a simple tap of your hand or wrist anywhere on the faucet wand, and is capable of telling the difference between a tap and grabbing the faucet to move it around. They also include Tempsense, which uses an LED light to visibly indicate water temperature.

Faucet ModelFlow RateMaterialHole Mounts
Delta Faucet Leland Single-Handle Kitchen Sink Faucet with Pull Down Sprayer, ShieldSpray Technology and Magnetic Docking Spray Head, Arctic Stainless 9178-AR-DSTDelta Leland Pull-Down Faucet1.8 gpmBrass1 or 3-hole
Delta Faucet Cassidy Single-Handle Kitchen Sink Faucet with Pull Out Sprayer and Magnetic Docking Spray Head, Arctic Stainless 4197-AR-DSTCassidy Single Handle Pull-Out1.8 gpmBrass1 or 3-hole
Delta Faucet Leland Single-Handle Touch Kitchen Sink Faucet with Pull Down Sprayer, Touch2O and ShieldSpray Technology, Magnetic Docking Spray Head, SpotShield Stainless 9178T-SP-DSTDelta Leland Pull-Down Touch2O1.8 gpmBrass1 or 3-hole
Delta Faucet Trinsic Pro Single-Handle Spring Spout Kitchen Sink Faucet with Pull Down Sprayer and Magnetic Docking Spray Head, Chrome 9659-DSTDelta Trinsic Pro1.8 gpmBrass3
Delta Faucet Windemere 2-Handle Kitchen Sink Faucet with Side Sprayer in Matching Finish, Stainless 21996LF-SSDelta Windemere 21.8 gpmBrass4-hole

Best Pull-Down: Delta Leland Pull-Down Faucet

The Delta Leland Pull-Out is the perfect centerpiece for both modern and farmhouse style kitchens, and our pick for Delta’s Best Pull-Out. It’s traditionally stylish and superbly modern, with a 360-degree pull-down wand and several cools things going for it.


  • Delta’s MagnaTite Docking integrates a magnet into faucet wand, ensuring it snaps firmly into place and doesn’t droop, hang, or loosen over time.
  • The sprays holes are easy to clean, made from Delta’s Touchclean rubber, which lets you simply wipe any calcium or lime buildup away with your finger.
  • It installs into 1, 2, 3 or 4-hole mounts, so it works with almost any kitchen or sink. There’s only one mounting hole, but an optional escutcheon ensures it fits over mounts with additional holes.
  • Delta’s ShieldSpray technology creates much less splatter than regular faucets – up to 90% less. It achieves this thanks to a unique spray shape that powers off food without using as much force. You can switch between spray modes with the press of the button.
  • It’s solid, well-built and high quality. This is apparent upon opening the box, thanks to its heft, and the materials and finish are excellent. It’s made of actual metal, and comes in Stainless, Chrome, bronze and Spotshield Stainless finishes.


  • The internal components are not very durable. The exterior is definitely high quality, but the hose and the plastic components inside are known to leak over time.
  • Temperature doesn’t shift smoothly. The faucet will “stick,” and then jump between hot and cold, making it difficult to achieve moderate temperatures.

Best Pull Out Faucet: Cassidy Single Handle Pull-Out

The Cassidy Single Handle Pull-Out is an elegant faucet with a very traditional design that looks at home in virtually any kitchen style – but especially Old World and European country kitchens. Like the Leland Pull-Down above, it has some excellent features that justify its expensive price-tag.


  • It has Magnatite Docking, with a magnet integrated into the faucet wand for tight, secure docking and replacement of the wand.
  • DiamondSeal Technology ensures an easy installation with a tight seal, preventing leaks by eliminating potential leak points.
  • Innoflex PEX supply lines are durable and easy to use and make installation easy.
  • It works on multiple hole mounts. It installs natively on 1-hole, 8” mounts. The optional escutcheon (available separately) lets you install it on 3-hole mounts, as well.
  • The faucet is made from brass. It’s a durable, hefty and high-quality piece of metal that will last some time.
  • Water pressure is strong. It has a flow rate of 1.8 gpm and powers grime and grease off dishes.


  • The faucet wand is plastic, plated with chrome or stainless steel. This means it’s not as durable as the rest of the faucet, and more likely to wear out over time.
  • The inner hose is also low-quality, and over time frays where it contacts edges and corners of the faucet. It also tangles easily and could definitely lead to some kinks.
  • The wand is difficult to pull out. It locks into thanks to the Magnatite docking, but the hose and wand get stuck, and can take some effort to fit back into the faucet properly.

Best Touch-Activated Faucet: Delta Leland Pull-Down Touch2O

Looking for something a little more hi-tech? The Delta Leland Touch2O might just fit the bill, thanks to the touch sensor that turns the water on and off with nothing more than a quick tap of your wrist. It’s a stylish faucet – just like the regular Leland – that looks good in a variety of kitchen styles, with a variety of additional features making it even more attractive.


  • Touch2O Technology starts and stops the water with a simple touch anywhere on the faucet, thanks to the built-in sensor. No more touching the faucet with dirty hands or making a mess; simply touch it and wash your hands. The sensor is even smart enough to know the difference between a real “touch” and someone grabbing the faucet – so you can take out the wand and swivel it around without turning on the water.
  • An LED light turns blue when the touch mode is activated, and red when the batteries need changing (which will be rarely).
  • The Tempsense LED light changes color along with the water temperature, so you know exactly how hot the water is at all times.
  • Magnatite Docking keeps the faucet wand firmly locked into place and helps it retract into the faucet shaft easily.
  • There’s an automatic switch-off for the water, which turns off after 4 minutes. This helps conserve water and energy.
  • It’s battery-operated, and the six AAA batteries included should last up to two years of regular use. You can also purchase an AC adapter and eliminate the need for batteries.
  • The Leland Touch2O comes with a 5-year limited warranty.


  • It’s not super-durable. The faucet itself is brass, but various parts of the assembly – hose, clips, retainer – are all made of plastic, and they wear out and break over time.
  • The pull-down hose drips sometimes. This may be a result of the plastic internals, which as mentioned, come loose and start to leak over time.
  • Installation is difficult. Many people find it hard to do by themselves with no experience and have to hire a professional to do it for them.
  • It has a water flow regulator, which hampers water pressure and makes difficult to wash dishes – and makes it take far too long.

Best Fusion/Commercial Style: Delta Trinsic Pro

So you’re more of a Fusion-style, commercial type? Looking to outfit a modern design kitchen with an equally modern, sleek faucet? Look no further than the Delta Trinsic Pro, which incorporates the best of a commercial-style faucet with the sleekness you’re looking for in a contemporary kitchen piece.


  • The spring style faucet and wand feature Delta’s signature Magnatite Docking. It docks firmly and easily and pulls itself itself right back into place and stays that way when you’re not using it. The pull-out spring also makes it easy to use the wand and power dirt and grime off dishes.
  • The tall faucet makes it easy to fit large pots and other items for easy cleaning and filling.
  • The DiamondSeal Technology valve has diamonds embedded in it, ensuring smooth, easy operation and few leaks.
  • The Trinsic Pro fits both 1-hole and 3-hole mount sinks. An additional escutcheon is available for purchase, to ensure the faucet works on sinks and counters of all sizes.
  • It also comes in a Touch2O version. If you’re a fan of high-tech devices and commercial style, this is the faucet you’re looking for.
  • It’s very easy to clean – Both the exterior, with its stainless/chrome finish, and on the spray nozzle itself, thanks to Delta’s TouchClean rubber that makes wiping build-up easy.


  • Touch Mode on the touch-activated mode is – you might say – “touchy.” It doesn’t always work unless you touch it very firmly and can often take a tap or two to turn on.
  • Much of the faucet is plastic, and internal pieces break easily – much like other Delta faucets. It may eventually leak over time, and if you’re the type who likes solid, hefty brass or other metal construction on your pricey faucets – you may want to look elsewhere.

Best Two-Handle Faucet: Delta Windermere 2

Looking for a simple, classic two-handle faucet that will fit in almost any interior? The Delta Windemere is a perfect choice, and it even includes a matching side sprayer for cleaning dishes and vegetables.


  • It’s cheap – but in the good way. It costs far less than the other Delta faucets on this list but doesn’t compromise on quality. It just doesn’t have all the same fancy features that other Delta faucets have. For the price, the quality really cannot be bear.
  • It’s made entirely from metal. The feel and build are substantial, and you should have no doubts in this faucet’s durability and toughness. Finishes include Chrome, Oil Bronze and Stainless.
  • The High-Arc Faucet is 11 inches tall, making it excellent for using with bottles, pots and dishes of all sizes. It also swivels 360 degrees for easy filling and washing.
  • Two temperature handles feature 1/4 turn stops. Selecting precise water temperature and combination is easy.
  • The Vegetable Side Sprayer makes cleaning vegetables and washing dishes easy – among other tasks. It also adds some class to the whole ensemble.


  • It requires 4 holes to install. No problem if that’s what you’re looking for, but most counters and sinks do not have 4-hole mounts cut out.
  • Flow rate and water pressure are somewhat weak. This is a common complaint with faucets in this price range, it seems.
  • The side sprayer is not made to the same quality as the rest of the faucet and feels very cheap. It’s constructed from plastic, unlike the rest of the faucet – which is all solid metal – and may not hold up nearly as well.

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