Best Touchless Kitchen Faucets

It’s the 21st century, and it seems just about everything is getting “smarter”. While there are some “smart faucets” out there that can connect to your phone, most people prefer to opt for something a bit simpler and reliable: a touchless faucet.

A reliable, stylish touchless looks just like any other modern kitchen faucet, but let’s you turn water on and off using nothing but a wave of your hand. This way, instead of having to turn the handle with your dirty hands – whether they’re covered in grease or raw meat juice – you can just wave your hand in front of the integrated motion sensor and start washing up.

Touchless faucets come in a variety of setups and prices. More expensive models will often have other integrated features like LED temperature displays and automatic on/off after one (or several) minutes. Less expensive models will likely have less features but make up for them with more-attractive price points.

Ready to find the right touchless faucet for your kitchen? Keep reading to see our picks for the Best Touchless Kitchen Faucets of 2018.

FaucetGPMBuild MaterialMounting HolesPower
Moen 7864EWSRS Sleek Motionsense Wave Sensor Touchless One-Handle High Arc Pulldown Kitchen Faucet Featuring Reflex, Spot Resist StainlessMoen Sleek MotionSense Wave1.5 gpmBrass1-hole or 3-hole6 AA Batteries
Motion Sensor Kitchen Faucet with Sprayer - Brushed Nickel No Touch Touchless Faucets Stainless Steel Single Handle Spot Resist by BOHARERSBOHARERS Motion Sensor Kitchen Faucet With Sprayer1.8 gpmBrass + stainless steel1-hole or 3-hole4 AA batteries
Derengge SK-829-MT Touchless Single Handle Pull Down Kitchen Faucet with Deck Plate,Meets cUPC NSF AB1953 Lead Free, Matte BlackDerengge SK-829-MT Touchless Single Handle1.8 gpmBrass1-hole or 3-hole4 AA batteries
Delta Faucet Trinsic Pro Single-Handle Spring Spout Touch Kitchen Sink Faucet with Pull Down Sprayer, Touch2O Technology and Magnetic Docking Spray Head, Arctic Stainless 9659T-AR-DSTDelta Trinsic Pro With Touch2O Technology1.8 gpmBrass + Stainless1-hole or 3-hole6 AA or 6 C batteries
KOHLER K-72218-VS Sensate Touchless Kitchen Faucet, Vibrant StainlessKOHLER K-72218-VS Sensate Touchless Kitchen Faucet, Vibrant Stainless1.8 gpmBrass + Metal1-hole or 3-holeAC Power

What To Look For In A Touchless Kitchen Faucet

Is it Touchless – or Touch-Enabled?

While most sensor-activated faucets are touchless, and all you have to do is wave your hand in front to turn it on, some models are actually touch-activated; you have to touch the faucet with a tap of you wrist to activate it.

Most people find the touchless version easier and more intuitive, as it literally eliminates all contact between your hand and the faucet. Touch-activated faucets can sometimes also be triggered when you grab the faucet to move it; higher-end models are now designed to tell the difference. Likewise, touchless faucets can usually tell the difference between a wave of your hand to turn the water on, and regular dishwashing motion.

Is Metal or Plastic Construction?

Cheaper faucets are often built from plastic and feature a metal plating and finish to give it some shine. This looks fine but isn’t durable and won’t hold up like a real metal faucet will. Go for a touchless faucet constructed with brass, with a metal plating and finish; these will last years of heavy use. While you’re at it, look for some ceramic valves too, to ensure it doesn’t leak and holds up to heavy use.

Does It Have Auto Shut Off? And Temperature Memory?

While being able to turn the water on with a wave of your handy is convenient, you also want to be able to shut it off with just a wave. You also want the sink to turn itself off after several minutes, in case you forget to, saving water and money. Most faucets will wait 3-4 minutes before shutting themselves off.

Also pay attention to whether the faucet has a temperature memory built in. If you turn the water back on with the sensor, and it comes out freezing cold or scalding hot because that’s how you left the handle, that doesn’t do you a whole lot of good. You want the faucet to remember the water settings you left them on, when you need them.

Best Touchless Kitchen Faucet Reviews

Moen Sleek MotionSense Wave

Moen 7864EWSRS Sleek Motionsense Wave Sensor Touchless One-Handle High Arc Pulldown Kitchen Faucet Featuring Reflex, Spot Resist Stainless

Moen’s Sleek MotionSense Wave is perhaps the most stylish and – dare we say – sleekest of touchless kitchen faucets. Built from brass, it has a smooth, elegant shape that will fit perfectly in any kitchen or home.


  • The MotionSense touchless sensor activates the water with a wave of your hand. Keep the faucet clean and stop the spread of germs; there’s literally no need to touch the faucet, unless you’d like to swivel it.
  • Moen’s Power Clean spray tech increases water pressure and power up to 50% more than Moen’s other faucets. And, it does this without consuming more water, cleaning your dishes much more efficiently.
  • The Reflex hose system is smooth, easy and intuitive. The hose slides smoothly in and out and the head locks securely back into place when you’re done.
  • It’s easy to install, with a DuraLock quick connect system. It’ll also work on both 1-hole and 3-hole sinks, and setup takes all of minutes.
  • The SpotResist Stainless finish repels dirt and grime, making cleaning easy. Wipe it off with a towel, and it’ll look brand new.
  • It runs off both batteries and AC power. Take your pick between the convenience a wired connection provides, and the easy installation that batteries provide.


  • The sensor is awkwardly placed on the left side of the faucet. This makes it slightly harder to activate, as you have to lift your hand deliberately to the left.
  • MotionSense does not control the water flow or temperature. You’ll still need to use the handle for that, which kind of ruins the whole point. It will remember the temperature, but always turns the water on fully.

BOHARERS Motion Sensor Kitchen Faucet With Sprayer

Motion Sensor Kitchen Faucet with Sprayer - Brushed Nickel No Touch Touchless Faucets Stainless Steel Single Handle Spot Resist by BOHARERS

If you like the elegant look the Moen Sleek MotionSense provides, but don’t have quite the budget to spend on it, this similar faucet from BOHARERS might do the trick. It features an all-metal body (often hard to find on faucets of this price range) and virtually all the features you would expect from even more expensive touchless faucets.


  • It’s inexpensive. The BOHARERs is half the price of most other touchless faucets, but still competes with them in terms of quality. BOHARHERS even backs it up with a limited lifetime warranty. Not bad for a budget faucet like this one.
  • It has a motion sensor (strangely named MotionSense as well) on the front, so you can turn the water on just by waving your hand in front. Placing it on the front of the faucet makes it easier to access than many other setups in which it’s on the side.
  • It has an automatic shut-off feature; the water will automatically turn off after 3 minutes. This saves water and money.
  • It has “Smartlatch Retraction.” The hose smoothly and quietly slides back into the place, while the spray head docks firmly back into the faucet head.
  • The build is all-metal. The main body of the faucet is brass, while the lever is stainless steel. And it comes in several different finishes.
  • It runs off 4 AA batteries, which should last up to 2 years of constant use. Operation is cheap and easy.


  • It’s hard to get a good fit. It’s supposed to fit on both 1-hole and 3-hole countertops, but some fittings are imprecise, making it difficult to get the faucet into the countertop.
  • The ceramic disc valves aren’t very good. They don’t hold up very well and leak after long periods of use.

Derengge SK-829-MT Touchless Single Handle

Derengge SK-829-MT Touchless Single Handle Pull Down Kitchen Faucet with Deck Plate,Meets cUPC NSF AB1953 Lead Free, Matte Black

Another budget-friendly option, the Derengge Touchless Single Handle Faucet has an elegant, stylish design and a sturdy, all-metal build. Like the BOHARERS, it has nearly as many features as higher-end models at a fraction of the price and can still compete with them on quality.


  • The body is made of brass. All-metal maes it far more durable than plated plastic. You can feel the quality in your hands.
  • It has a MotionSense sensor that turns water on with the wave of your hand. Even a this dirt-cheap price, the sensor works smoothly and reliably. It can be activated from up to 3” away.
  • It runs off 4 AA batteries. 4 AA’s will last up to one year of regular use, and they are even included.
  • Derengge built in an auto-shut off. The water will automatically shut off after 3 minutes.
  • You can install it on both 1-hole and 3-hole sinks. An optional escutcheon is included. Installation is super easy; it requires no tools and you can easily figure it out yourself in just a matter of minutes, saving time and money as you won’t need to hire a handyman.
  • Water pressure is good. It comes in at 60 PSI, while rate of flow is 1.8 GPM.


  • The sensor is only ‘On’ when the handle is turned to on. This can complicate use, making it more difficult and requiring an extra step. You also can’t control water flow with the motion sensor; that requires use of the handle.

Delta Trinsic Pro With Touch2O Technology

Delta Faucet Trinsic Pro Single-Handle Spring Spout Touch Kitchen Sink Faucet with Pull Down Sprayer, Touch2O Technology and Magnetic Docking Spray Head, Arctic Stainless 9659T-AR-DST

Delta’s Trinsic Pro is a bit different; instead of being touchless, it’s touch-activated, with Touch2O technology – a touch-activated sensor that triggers the water. This is in addition to the sturdy build and the host of other high-tech features you won’t find on most other touchless faucets.


  • Touch2O Technology embeds a touch-activated sensor on the top of the spout. Tap it with your hand or wrist and the water starts. It’s even smart enough to tell the difference between a touch and grab, so you can move and swivel the faucet without turning the water on or off.
  • An LED light – termed TempSense – alerts you to the temperature of the water. When the light is blue, the water is “cold”. As the water heats up, the light turns to purple (or magenta) and then to red.
  • Auto shut-off turns the water off after 4 minutes of use.
  • The battery life is long. Very long. AA batteries can power it for up to 2 years, and 6 C batteries can run it for up to 5 years.
  • Magnetic docking keeps the faucet head locked firmly into place. You can pull out the hose and wand for cleaning the sink, but then it slides right back into place and stays there.


  • It’s really expensive. In fact, it’s one of the most expensive faucets you’ll find, especially compared to some of the deals on this list.
  • Water often drips when it’s turned off with the Touch sensor. Water doesn’t stop dripping immediately and will often continue to dribble out for a few seconds. That’s both annoying and wasteful, and really shouldn’t happen on a faucet this pricey.

KOHLER K-72218-VS Sensate Touchless Kitchen Faucet, Vibrant Stainless

KOHLER K-72218-VS Sensate Touchless Kitchen Faucet, Vibrant Stainless

The Kohler Sensate is stylish yet compact, a beautiful touchless faucet that adds elegance to an old-fashioned kitchen without taking up much room. It’s definitely a premium and expensive faucet, but it features a durable, all-metal construction and ceramic valves befitting its price tag.


  • The touchless Response motion sensor is quick and responsive. It activates within 20 milliseconds of waving your hand, without any lag or delay before getting a steady stream of water. It’s also “precision-designed” to avoid accidental activation, when you’re simply moving around the sink. An LED light indicates when the faucet is activated and ready to go.
  • It’s battery-free, running off AC power instead. No need to replace batteries ever. Wired power is stronger and more reliable.
  • ProMotion flexible hose and joints make operation of the pull-down wand smooth and effortless. DockNetic magnetic docking helps the sprayhead retract easily and lock it securely into place.
  • The MasterClean rubber sprayhead resists grease and grime build-up and makes cleaning easy. Simply wipe it off and keep using it.
  • Temperature Memory remembers the last temperature you set the water to. Turn it on and off from the touch sensor while it’s already set to your desired water temperature.


  • It’s very expensive. You could buy two or three cheaper faucets for what this faucet runs for.
  • Water pressure is low, especially for a faucet this expensive. Flow rate is advertised at 1.8 gpm, but it’s weak, and doesn’t clean dishes or fill pots as effectively as you might expect.
  • The solenoid is poorly designed. Many users have reported failures after as little as a few months to as many as a few years later, and you may find yourself replacing it several times.

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