Best Stainless Steel Kitchen Faucets

When remodeling your kitchen, only the latest and top-notch quality hardware will do – especially for something as vital as the kitchen sink, which sees heavy, everyday use and needs to withstand anything. And while quality is important, so are looks –so opt for the versatility and timelessness of stainless steel.

Functioning well on a variety of appliances – not least of all the kitchen faucet and sink – stainless steel works in virtually any kitchen, whether your interior design leans contemporary or traditional. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find a high-end kitchen faucet that doesn’t come in a stainless-steel finish.

Weeding through and selecting the best faucet models out there can be hard work, which is why we went ahead and rounded up the best options for you, saving you the time and effort. Keep reading to see our picks for the Best Stainless Steel Faucet of 2018.

Kraus KPF-1690SFS Britt Kitchen Faucet, Spot Free StainlessKraus Britt Pre-Rinse Commercial FaucetSpot Resist Stainless Steel
Moen 7864EWSRS Sleek Motionsense Wave Sensor Touchless One-Handle High Arc Pulldown Kitchen Faucet Featuring Reflex, Spot Resist StainlessMoen Sleek MotionSense Wave Stainless Steel Spot Resist Stainless Steel
GROHE 32168000 Minta Kitchen Tap with Pull-Down Spray HeadGrohe MintaSuperSteel Infinity
3 Hole Kitchen Sink Faucet with Pull Down Spray Side Single Handle with Soap Dispenser Brushed Nickel PeppermintPeppermint 3-hole Kitchen FaucetBrushed Steel
Moen 7250SRS Belfield TWO-HANDLE High Arc Kitchen Faucet, Spot Resist StainlessMoen Belfield Two-Handle FaucetSpot Resist Stainless Steel

Best Commercial-Style Stainless Steel Faucet: Kraus Britt Pre-Rinse Commercial Faucet

Kraus Britt Spot Free Stainless Pre-Rinse/Commercial Kitchen Faucet with Dual Function Sprayhead in all-Brite Finish, KPF-1690SFS

The Kraus Britt is an excellent, beautiful commercial-style faucet with modern stainless-steel finish. It’s stylish, functional and quality, perfect for virtually any style home where stainless steel is appropriate. And, it’s inexpensive to boot.


  • It’s made of cast brass with a stainless-steel hose. All-Metal construction means it’s heavier-duty and more durable than most inexpensive faucets, which generally make use of cheap plastic.
  • The All-Brite stainless-steel finish resists fingerprints and water spots and makes for easy cleaning. Just wipe it down with a rag. Likewise, silicone nozzles let you wipe off calcium and limestone with just your finger.
  • The commercial-style spring faucet is flexible and versatile. A 25” hose ensures it’s long enough to reach the entire sink and make any cleaning task easy. It rotates 360 degrees, too, and the sprayhead locks tightly back into place.
  • A Kraus Neoprl aerator increases water efficiency on aerated stream mode, without sacrificing water pressure. Switch between spray and stream mode right on the sprayhead.
  • Ceramic cartridges provide a tight seal and smooth handle operation. Ceramic cartridges are far better than rubber valves and this one should last years of heavy use.


  • The water pressure can be too low. Even at a flow rate 1.8 gpm, there’s not a lot of force behind the water; filling pots takes forever. Thankfully, the Neoprl aerator does not seem to further affect this.

Best Touchless Stainless Faucet: Moen Sleek MotionSense Wave Stainless Steel

Moen 7864EWSRS Sleek Motionsense Wave Sensor Touchless One-Handle High Arc Pulldown Kitchen Faucet Featuring Reflex, Spot Resist Stainless

Moen’s Sleek MotionSense Wave is a stylish touchless faucet, built from brass and finished with a beautiful, modern and – excuse the pun – sleek stainless-steel finish. If you’d like to bring your kitchen into the 21st century in more ways than one, you can’t go wrong with the Sleek MotionSense.


  • Moen’s MotionSense touchless sensor activates and turns on the water with a wave of your hand. Since you never need to touch the faucet, turning it on with dirty hands is no problem, and you can keeping the faucet clean and sanitary. Same if your hands are full; just wave them in front of the faucet and go.
  • It has Moen’s Power Clean technology, which amplifies water pressure and spray power up to 50% – without consuming more water. Spraying dishes becomes easier and more efficient, as food is blasted off.
  • Moen’s Reflex hose system is smooth and flexible. The hose slides in and out easily and retracts intuitively back into place. Compared to cheaper hoses, it’s a pleasure to use.
  • Cleaning is effortless, thanks to the SpotResist Stainless finish. SpotResist prevents build-up of dirt and grime, and allows you to simply wipe it clean with a cloth.
  • The DuraLock Quick Connect System makes installation nearly effortless. It installs on both 1-hole and 3-hole sinks, and in minutes; the quick connect doesn’t require tools.


  • You cannot control water flow or temperature with the Motionsense sensor. The only way to do so is still with the regular handle. The sensor does remember the last water temperature you used it on.
  • The sensor can be finicky. It’s also placed on the left side, as opposed to the center, making it awkward to activate. It would be a lot easier if you could just wave your hand in front.

Best Pull-Out Stainless Steel Faucet: Grohe Minta

GROHE 32168000 Minta Kitchen Tap with Pull-Down Spray Head

When looks matter, go with the Grohe Minta. This modern-style pull-out faucet is hardwearing and dependable, as well as glamorous and pleasing to the eye. A simple design, but one with great performance, and Grohe’s special stain-resistant stainless steel finish.


  • Grohe’s SuperSteel InfinityFinish is both stylish and easy to clean. It resists fingerprints and water spots and can be cleaned with a kitchen towel or your sleeve.
  • It has Grohe SilkMove ceramic cartridges, which lend a smooth operation and tight seal. Handle movement is effortless, and the high-quality seal doesn’t leak or drip. Ceramic valves will last years, too.
  • Grohe EasyDock guarantees the hose’s easy retraction, and that the pull-out sprayhead goes back exactly where it’s supposed to. The flex line is made of stainless steel, so it’ll last years to come.
  • A 360-degree swiveling spout keeps it versatile and convenient. You can reach anywhere in the sink and swivel the faucet out of your way when you don’t need it.
  • The all-metal construction is sturdy and built to last. Grohe doesn’t mess around with quality, and this brass spout/stainless steel flex line combo – with a metal faucet head, too – is solid and tough.
  • There are two spray modes – regular flow and spray. There’s also a locking push button, automatic return to spray, and adjustable flow rate limiter, ensuring convenient and efficient water spray always.


  • It splashes when not using the aerator. Watch out for wet kitchen counters and floors.
  • It can be pricey. But, Grohe quality is usually worth the premium.

Best Stainless Steel Facuet On A Budget: Peppermint 3-hole Kitchen Faucet

3 Hole Kitchen Sink Faucet with Pull Down Spray Side Single Handle with Soap Dispenser Brushed Nickel Peppermint

When you want the sleekness and function of a pull-down faucet but don’t have much to spend, the Peppermint 3-Hole Kitchen will get the job done for cheap. Constructed from copper and brass, it’s a robust faucet despite it’s affordable price tag, with a unique 3-hole handle and soap dispenser design that sets it apart from the crowd.


  • It’s entirely made of metal. Brass and copper are much stronger than plastic, and make for a longer-lasting, sturdier build.
  • The Brushed Stainless Steel finish has “Nanotechnology,” which is more effective at resisting fingerprints and preventing water spots than regular brushed surfaces. As a result, it stays shiny and can be wiped clean with a rag. Likewise, the silicone faucet head can be easily wiped clean.
  • The faucet swivels 360 degrees. There are both spray and stream modes, and a second sprayhead is included for added customizability.
  • The integrated soap dispenser adds style and convenience. Keep the ugly dish soap bottle off your counter and your kitchen looking clean and neat.
  • Installation requires no tools. Everything you need is included, and it’s a quick and painless DIY project.


  • It does not come with a mounting plate and works only on 3-hole sinks. This limits your installation options.
  • The valves have some quality control issues. The faucet body is solid, but the internal workings aren’t made to the same standards, and often spring leaks.

Best Two-Handle Stainless Steel Faucet: Moen Belfield Two-Handle Faucet

Moen 7250SRS Belfield TWO-HANDLE High Arc Kitchen Faucet, Spot Resist Stainless

There are a lot great modern-looking stainless steel faucets, but sometimes you just want something more traditional. That’s where the Moen Belfield comes in. A classic two-handle faucet with “Williamsburg-era details,” it works in a variety of traditional and Old World-style homes and kitchens, where something modern – the Moen Sleek, for example – might not.


  • The Belfield is built entirely from brass. Pair that with the classy stainless-steel finish, and you have a sturdy, attractive faucet that was built to last. There are no shoddy, poorly-made plastic parts, and you can feel the quality in your hands.
  • The SpotResist Stainless finish is extremely easy to clean. Simply wipe it off with a towel or rag, and fingerprints, spots and dirt all quickly.
  • It can be installed in no time. Moen’s DuraLock Quick Connect system allows it to slide right into place without tools. Just connect the quick-connect spray lines and screw everything into place.
  • There are two sprays modes – aerated stream and regular spray – and a side sprayer. Versatility is the name of the game, and the Belfield can tackle any job.


  • Flow rate is low, at only 1.5 gpm. Generally, it’s a good idea to look for at least 1.8 gpm. Where possible, 2+ is even better.
  • The two-handle lever design can make it difficult to control water temperature. You must find the perfect combination of hot and cold, and the handles are sometimes finicky and can stick where you don’t want them.
  • It’s expensive for what you get. While middle-of-the-road in terms of price, it’s a bit pricey for a faucet with few features. We believe it makes up for it with its heavy-duty metal build.

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