Best Kitchen Faucet Brands

No matter the style of faucet you’re looking for or the style kitchen you’re putting it in, you want to choose a high-quality, reliable faucet from a trusted manufacturer. It should go without saying that not all faucet brands are made equally. When it comes to precision engineering, build quality and reliability, some brands are simply better than others. Others have decades of experience behind them, earning a reputation for that quality and reliability and ensuring decades of repeat customers. And while some brands excel at certain facets of faucet construction – say, excellent pull-out hoses – another brand might make better scratch-resistant and easy-clean finishes.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Best Faucet Brands of 2018, here’s our take.


One of the most recognizable faucet brands, Moen’s history begins in 1937, when Al Moen accidentally scalded his hands thanks to the traditional two-handle design found on all sinks of the time. Deciding there had to be a better way to do it, he created a single-handle faucet design that combined hot and cold water into one lever and made finding the right water temperature – not too hot and not too cold – easy. Revolutionary at the time, this design is now found on most faucets, and Moen is still going strong 80+ years later.

Moen faucets have more going for them than a cool story; over the years they’ve come up with some helpful technology and features, such as Power Boost, which increases water pressure and spray force up to 50% without increasing water consumption, and DuraLock, a quick-connect system that allows the faucet to be easily installed and water lines connected within minutes. They’ve also created an easy and intuitive touchless faucet technology, deemed MotionSense, where the faucet is triggered by an integrated motion sensor detecting the wave of your hand.

Basic faucets from Moen can cost less than $100, but you could spend upwards of $600 on their high-end models, include those MotionSense-equipped. Whether you’re looking for a modern, contemporary style pull-down or commercial-style faucet, or something with some Old World flair, Moen makes one you’ll like.

Delta Faucets

Delta is another recognizable brand name, having been creating faucets for over 60 years. Like Moen, Delta designs something for virtually every kitchen style, from Old World (the Cassidy line) to Contemporary (such as the Minimalist Trinsic line). Expect to spend in the upper-end of faucet prices – $500 to $700 — for a top of the line model – and $200 to $300 for something mid-range.

Delta’s host of integrated technologies help their faucets make your life easier. While Moen uses touchless technology, Delta has a touch-activated sensor, triggered by tapping on the top of the spout. Use the back of your wrist or forearm when your hands are full or dirty. Delta calls it Touch2O Technology, and pairs it with something called Tempsense, where LED lights on the front of faucet indicate water temperature.

Another handy feature they’ve integrated into their pull-down and pull-out faucets is MagnaTite docking. MagnaTite docking integrates strong magnets into the spray head and faucet dock, ensuring the sprayhead locks firmly into place when placed back where it belongs, and ensures the faucet head doesn’t droop or sag.

If you’re looking for a high-quality and dependable faucet, you could do a lot worse than one from Delta.


Grohe is a German company, founded in 1936 and known for manufacturing faucets with all the precision that German engineering is known for. In the past few years alone, they’ve been recognized with a host of awards in Europe and the US, such as the German Sustainability Award in 2016 and a Good Design Award in 2017.

If you are looking for contemporary style in particular, Grohe can’t be beat; they have an entire array of modern, European-style faucets that fit the sleekest of kitchens. Their style is mostly minimalist and contemporary, and they don’t make as many of the older, ornate designs befitting more traditional homes – though they can be found (the Bridgeford line being an example). Simple Grohe faucets with few features can be had under $100; mid-range models might run you $200-300, and at $500-$600, you can find premium offerings intended for decades of reliability, such as the Essence line.

One area where Grohe excels is their SilkMove cartridges; made from ceramic alloy, they’re coated with Telfon to give smooth, effortless turn of the handle, and a leakproof seal that will last years – if not decades – of dedicated use. They also recently introduced a line of faucets with integrated filters. Their tarnish- and scratch-resistant Starlight finish is also particularly nice.


Danze doesn’t have the storied history of the other brands on this list but has made a name for itself in recent years for offering super-stylish, affordable faucets. A basic pull-out faucet (the Danze Melrose line, for example) can cost well under $200, while their high-end offerings (the contemporary Parma line, with it’s commercial-style offerings, or the Como line, with its super-sleek, minimal faucets) might set you back $500. Both Modern and traditional Old-World styles can be found in their lineup.

Some handy features you’ll find on Danze faucets include their Snapback Retraction system, which helps sprayheads “snap” back into place; ceramic valves with excellent seal and smooth operation; Did-U-Wave, their touchless sensor tech that enables water flow with just a wave of your hand; and even LED lights illuminating the sink on certain models. Most of them are designed to be as easy to install as possible, for a quick, DIY setup.

One common complaint with Danze, however, is that their customer service leaves something to be desired when you run into problems. They do, however, offer a limited lifetime warranty on all their faucets, and will repair or replace any manufacturer defects – if you can get hold of them.


We certainly couldn’t forget to mention Kohler, either. Another longtime-faucet brand – perhaps the oldest – Kohler was founded in 1873. Over 140 years later they’re still going strong, with a line-up that includes virtually everything, from the modern simplicity of the Simplice line to the classic Victorian-style faucets of the Artifacts line. You snag an affordable deal at well under $100 or spend over $1000 on some of their finest, most-featured faucets. Most styles, with all the features you really need, can be found for anywhere from $150 to $400.

Some of those aforementioned features include DockNeti, Kohler’s magnetic docking system for pull-out and pull-down faucets that guides and locks the sprayhead into place; MasterClean spray faces, which resist calcium build-up and can simply be wiped clean; ProMotion technology, which uses silent nylon hoses and ball joints for an enjoyably-smooth pull-out experience; and Sensate, Kohler’s touchless sensor technology for easy, hands-free operation. Select Kohler faucets heads also include Sweep Spray, with angled nozzles that create a wider and more-powerful spray that powers food and grime off your dishes.

All Kohler faucets come with at least a 1-year Warranty, while some come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty against drips and defects. Whatever you’re looking for in a kitchen faucet, Kohler will likely have you covered.


Last, but not least, is Kraus. An American brand, Kraus is a relative newcomer when compared to many of the well-known brands on our list, having only been founded in 2007. But they’re an excellent choice when looking for budget faucets that don’t sacrifice looks or quality. Most Kraus faucet designs are quite minimalist, though you can find a few with more traditional styles; they also make a full line-up of commercial/fusion-style faucets for industrial-style homes. They’re also some of the more affordable faucets in our lineup, and you can find many Kraus faucets in the $100 to $200 range.

Some features you’ll find on Kraus faucets include their Reach Technology, which ensures a frictionless pull-out/pull-down experience, as well as magnetic docking and a counterweight below the counter that makes retraction even smoother. You’ll also really like their all-Brite Spot Free stainless-steel finish, which repels grease, fingerprints and water spots and makes cleaning easy.

Most Kraus faucets have ceramic cartridges with excellent seal and smooth operation. Many even have brass outer builds; most cheaper faucets are plastic. All are backed up by a limited lifetime warranty, and their customer service is usually responsive and helpful.

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