8 Simple Ways to Transform a Small Kitchen

Your kitchen doesn’t need to be spacious to be stylish. It’s entirely possible to design an appealing kitchen without much space to work with.

These tips will help you do so. If you’re trying to make interior design upgrades to a smaller kitchen, keep the following ideas in mind.

Use Key Areas for Various Purposes

Do you like to cook? If so, that may mean you also like to entertain.

Storing a few small bar stools in a nearby closet and taking them out when you want to sit and share a drink or meal with friends is a simple way to turn a countertop into a makeshift home bar. When you’re not using it to prep food, it can serve another purpose. Making use of a small space in multiple ways is key to boosting the overall appeal of a small kitchen.

Go Minimalist

Many people are adopting the minimalist style for a key reason: simplifying your home’s design can actually have a calming effect. You’re less overwhelmed when you don’t have more possessions than you need.

Take stock of your kitchen and determine whether you can get rid of certain items. You can even sell them online to make a few extra bucks. Focusing on the bare essentials helps you make efficient use of a small space. It also gives you the chance to switch to a minimalist style that is growing in popularity.

Paint it White

Lighter colors reflect light, darker colors absorb it. That’s why design experts recommend white-centric color schemes for small kitchens. This basic design tip can make the room feel much bigger than it actually is. If you’re the kind of person who gets bored when every wall is white, paint one a different color to turn it into a striking accent wall.

Use Wide Tiling

Using wide tiles for the backsplash is another way to trick the mind into perceiving a small room as being larger. The width of the tile lends the backsplash a “stretched-out” quality that makes it appear wide as well.

Use the Space Thoroughly

A minimalist style and white walls can absolutely make a small kitchen feel spacious. However, you could go the opposite direction. By making sure every detail from the faucet to the cabinetry serves a decorative purpose, you can transform your kitchen into a visually-stunning marvel. You may not have the space to spread these various decorative features out, but you can still condense them. The result will be a uniquely eye-catching kitchen.

Focus on Decorative Lighting

A well-lit space tends to look bigger than a dark one. Make sure your lighting is strong.

It also helps to choose decorative lighting fixtures that show off your design tastes. By choosing an attractive or unique lighting fixture, you’ll distract guests from noticing how small the kitchen is. Often, interior design isn’t about how much space you have, but how you use the space.

Store Kitchen Tools in Cabinets

Try to keep your countertops as free of small kitchen appliances (toasters, microwave, etc.) as possible. Keeping the countertops open and uncluttered is a simple way to massively improve the visual appeal of a relatively small kitchen.

Add a Pot Rack

Pots and pans take up a lot of cabinet space. This prevents you from decluttering your countertops as much as you might wish to.

Get around this problem by adding a pot rack that hangs down above your countertops. This frees up a substantial amount of space in your cabinets. It may also be more convenient when you’re preparing meals.

Again, a small kitchen can still boast an attractive design. Remember these tips when deciding how to improve yours. They’ll help you transform a cramped space into something much more enjoyable.

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